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A common question for those who already have their own legal CBD supplier or want to start their own business is about wholesale CBD prices and the right balance between quality and price. The activities reported in the hemp sector are increasing by almost 20% annually, according to market forecasts, in 2028 a value share of over 90 million euros will be reached. A good point to start with.

Wholesale CBD Price

How do we calculate the wholesale CBD price in Europe?

Finding good Wholesale CBD prices is not always that easy when buying and selling CBD products. CBD buds, CBD oil and cosmetics differ in the way they are made. This also affects the price. Sometimes, however, the price ranges for the same product in online retail vary enormously! In the following we look at why that is.

Flowers and inflorescences

The types of CBD cannabis flowers with low THC levels (0.2 for abroad) are mainly 3: outdoor, green or greenhouse and indoor. This brings with it significant differences in terms of quality, price and also the availability prevailing on the market.

Outdoor Cultivation

The product with the greater availability is certainly the outdoor product. Italy and Spain are at the forefront in cultivation here, thanks to the conversion from other crops. Unfortunately, you usually get products of rather low quality.

The flowers are not very compact, rather dark and generally less “scented”. They also taste different depending on the soil type. Due to poor preparation by the breeder or lack of experience.

The CBD wholesale prices vary between €290 and €600 per kilo, depending on the genetics and the availability of land of the farmer.

Glass Greenhouses

Products from greenhouses made of PVC, or glass greenhouses, are among the best-selling products on the European market. Cultivated with the right technical preparation, a very good yield is obtained.

They also feature more compact, clear buds compared to outdoors, and scents that rival those of indoor bud sites. The most careful farmers grow on special soil, thus guaranteeing an organic and metal-free product.

In addition, excellent results are obtained with the right balance between the CBD content and the other cannabinoids. The CBD wholesale prices here vary between €600 and €1200 per kilo.

Indoor Cultures

Last but not least, we have indoor cultures, which are growing structures with a controlled environment and artificial light. This type of cultivation is far superior to previous crops as it guarantees a continuous cultivation cycle throughout the year.

With the right technical preparation, the absolute best bud sites on the legal cannabis market can be achieved here. Buds are resinous and with the right balance of cannabinoids. This makes them the most desirable products, with the best quality for the discerning customer.

The CBD wholesale prices here vary from €1200 to €2000 per kilo, but also offer the best quality.

Wholesale CBD Price

CBD oils

While you have your own sense of smell and the appearance of the respective products as a “rating system” for the inflorescences, the situation changes with CBD oil. Although they are approved by the European Community, there are no control bodies. Thus, for better or for worse, one relies on the supplier who evaluates the oil for sale and analyzes the input. Essential for this are the origin, the type of processing and whether the oil and the ISO certification of a laboratory.

The United States already classifies CBD oils as a food product. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go in Europe. Choosing a quality product is not always that easy. Full-spectrum oils are important for optimal effects over CBD crystal oils. A fundamental component of the decision is also how the carrier oil is extracted from the hemp. You can choose between oils with or without the addition of CO2.

The CO2-free extraction is a novelty on the market. It allows for a much higher quality product with measurable benefits for the consumer. When we talk about wholesale CBD prices, the market is not quite defined yet. Prices for basic full-spectrum CBD oil products, extracted without the addition of gas or solvents and rich in terpenes, range in price from €1400 to over €2000 per litre.

Wholesale CBD price: CBD crystals

Other CBD products available on the market, which are also distributed by wholesalers, are also pure crystals, for example. These are used in industry to process other products. They offer high market potential and were approved by the Court of Justice of the European Union in November 2020.

This opens the barriers for the sale of these special CBD products in all EU countries. The CBD oil segment was valued at over $450 million in 2020. The market itself can be described as almost stable from certain points of view. This is mainly due to stable demand in all European countries. These products are relatively new and differ in the way they are administered, such as capsules, chewing gums, or sprays. In the near future, these products will probably grow into a better alternative to the classic sublingual drops.

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