The origins:

Wholesale CBD is a company born in Italy, that today expands all over Europe. We have a huge variety of CBD products that we sell wholesale in Poland, Germany, France, etc. Our market started in Italy but when we realized that in Europe the Wholesale price for CBD products was higher and the quality was poor we launched our products.

Wholesale CBD Poland:

Now we have several clients that have shops or supply our wholesale CBD products, in Poland, Greece, Germany, as well as many other countries in Europe. Our first wholesale CBD clients in Europe were in Poland. At that point, Wholesale CBD Italy was starting to have a name as a CBD supplier, first in Poland than in Spain, Germany and the rest of Europe. Wholesale CBD business in Europe has grown exponentially, thanks to our top-quality CBD products and competitive prices.

Wholesale CBD flower:

Our indoor CBD flowers come from the best growers in Switzerland and in Italy. We always have at least 10-15 strains available for you!
 We guarantee you the highest CBD percentages possible, always keeping the THC below the legal percent. All of the CBD flowers that we supply wholesale grow naturally without pesticides or additives of any sort and have already been tested, certified and approved by third-party laboratories. The values of our company are to only supply top-quality natural CBD products.

Wholesale CBD Oil, E-Liquids and Cosmetics:

The CBD oil and e-liquids are Made in Italy, made with all-natural ingredients, also suitable for vegans! Rich in Omega 3,6,9 and fatty acids to give you a relaxing and pain-relieving experience. We sell both our CBD oil and E-Liquids in different mg dosage and all are THC free.
 We also supply wholesale CBD Cosmetics from Kanaflora, a world-known Italian company, whose production and research of CBD cosmetic is in collaboration with the best University in Italy, Uk, and the United States.

Packaging Wholesale:

We have a packaging center in Italy where our trusted and professional workers handle your shipment, to perfection. Wholesale CBD Italy sells products already packaged or bulk according to your convenience. We offer you our packaging or we offer to package any of the products with your own design and guarantee you a professional packaging and at your doorstep within 4 days from your order!