The appearance of this legal hashish directly recalls the unique peculiarities of the traditional one; its brownish color tending to red is its most distinctive feature and it is the one that determined its denomination.

The consistency of its eggs, influenced by the temperature of the surrounding environment, is resinous, malleable and at the same time compact, thanks also to the peculiarity of the hemp inflorescences with a high CBD content.

With an earthy and sour aroma at the same time, this legal Hashish is a blend of earthy, herbaceous and woody notes. The Lebanese has the strength to intoxicate the surrounding environment with its characteristic, pungent and persistent smell for a long time.

Type: reddish
Form: egg

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Our Red Lebanon has all the characteristics of Charas, but stands out for its unmistakable reddish tendencies, with a strong flavor and a high CBD content.

Type: reddish
Form: egg

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