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After the sale and cultivation of CBD was legalized in Europe, numerous resellers entered the market. Let’s see who can sell CBD and what product are offered.

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Is it legal selling CBD in Europe?

Just a few years ago, the cannabis market was only a niche business that really passionate and brave people ventured into. Today’s reality couldn’t be more different.

Thanks to the Law No. 242/2016, European cannabis production is regulated. This opens up new opportunities for both sellers and buyers. Cannabis light (or light hemp), which contains less than 0.2% of the psychoactive ingredient THC is now legal. Around this strain, the market has grown exponentially in recent years.

Mankind discovered the remarkable beneficial properties of cannabis five thousand years ago and has always considered it an alternative and all-natural medicinal remedy ever since. Now more and more people are rediscovering and interested in its therapeutic properties.

If YOU made it this far, you’ve probably heard of CBD many times. Maybe not just in terms of benefits. These range from relieving chronic pain to treating nausea caused by chemotherapy. But there is also great potential in terms of the potential profit that YOU could derive from it.

Consumers are increasingly turning to natural and sustainable products, not only out of respect for the health of the environment, but also because they care about the well-being of their bodies.

It’s understandable that you want to know more about who can sell CBD, with what methods and in what way. We at CBD WHOLESALE have an agricultural tradition, and for several years we are 100% dedicated to the cultivation and production of light cannabis. So we can help you to understand how you can enter this fascinating world of avant-gard.

First, let’s take a look who can actually sell CBD in Europe.

If you’ve often wondered if it’s legal to sell CBD in Europe, then the answer is yes. However, only as long as he moves within the legally defined limits.

The above legislation has legalized the cultivation and production of a specific type of cannabis, the light version, also known as industrial hemp. This type of culture helps reduce the environmental impact of agriculture by enriching the soil, counteracting desertification and purifying the air. A study by the University of Cambridge has shown that hemp can absorb up to 10 times more carbon dioxide per hectare managed than in a normal forest.

However, there are strict limits concerning the cultivation. This applies also to the sale.

In addition to the fact that the cultivation of cannabis must be justified by one of the reasons provided for in the legislation, compliance with the THC percentage is even more important. This compound, unlike CBD, is psychoactive and can produce psychotropic effects when taken in large doses.

We call Cannabis light, when its THC percentage is less than 0.2%. The THC limit for selling CBD from legal marijuana is 0.2% in most other European countries (e.g. France and Germany). Sellers should explicitly state the percentage on the jar or bag label. In some cases, you might even find a QR code that links to the analysis of the cannabinoids present in the product. Remember that THC is absolutely harmless in these dosages and does not produce any side effects or psychotropic effects.

But let’s dive deeper into the matter of CBD sales!

Do I need a license to sell CBD?

Permits are required for any type of cultivation, especially in industry. However, when it comes to selling CBD, there are significantly fewer. However, always keep in mind that each country has its own legislation in this regard and may therefore require more or fewer permits. If you want to start the sale on your own, you should always speak to a lawyer beforehand who can keep you up to date with the latest news in a very rapidly evolving industry.

In Italy it is currently possible to sell CBD-based products in the same way as products from many other product areas are sold. It is therefore only necessary to obtain the permits to open a business, but nothing more.

This means that light hemp retailers can operate both in physical activities (such as bars, tobacconists, shops, herbalists, parapharmacies, etc.) and online and only have to worry about their own country’s documentation required for commercial establishments.

Because of this, the pool of those who can sell CBD is very large. In fact, retailers are increasing, especially online. The downside is represented by those who improvise sellers with sometimes very dubious reliability.

It’s also important to build a solid corporate image to reassure buyers. To overcome these inconveniences, many choose to become partners and therefore resellers of solid manufacturing companies such as CBD WHOLESALE.

sell cbd

Which CBD products are available and which can be offered?

The number of different CBD products on the market is huge. In fact, people like to experiment with new solutions to try Cannabis Light. So who can sell CBD, what products are they orienting themselves towards? There are really many points, but the most important are:

CBD inflorescences:

These can be sold in Europe only for technical purposes or as a perfume for environments, but there is an extremely varied production with completely different flavors: from sweet to citrus to spicy to satisfy every taste.

CBD Oil:

A particularly popular product is cannabis oil, which is also created in many variations, especially the full-spectrum oils are strong because they contain not only the active ingredients, but also all other substances contained in the hemp plant that work synergistically. These increase the effect of CBD.

CBD for animals:

In the field of light cannabis, everything to do with caring for four-legged friends is very interesting. Studies have shown that the effects of CBD in animals are similar to those in humans, and products range from CBD oil for dogs to cookies.

CBD cosmetics:

CBD has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, so a cosmetic line for holistic, natural body care should certainly not be missing. In this area there are, for example, creams suitable for the face, hands, lips and body in general.

Where to sell 100% safe and legal CBD cannabis light products


Companies that sell drugs without a prescription often carry CBD products in their listings. But be careful, because we are always talking about light cannabis, not medicinal cannabis, where the THC content is much higher and you need a doctor’s prescription to buy it.

Herb Markets:

CBD-based products are also sold at herbalists, companies that by definition deal in natural products and alternative medicines.

Tobacco shops:

Light cannabis is increasingly being sold in tobacconists, a very common practice on our continent.


Cannabis products have also started to spread to bars and especially cafes selling drinks and organic food (a trend that is already gaining traction, especially overseas). They may even have a small in-house shop selling natural edibles, including CBD edibles and oils.

Organic shops:

It seems natural that light cannabis products could also be found in stores selling organic products, which typically deal in both organic food and sustainable supplies.

E-cigarette shops:

Nowadays, CBD electronic cigarettes are also spreading and for this reason it is possible to find products of the sector also in these dedicated stores.

Hemp / Grow Shop:

There are also shops entirely dedicated to the world of hemp, offering all products related to this market, from bud sites to organic clothing.

Online shop:

The presence of generic and industry-specific online shops is increasing rapidly.

The right choice of CBD wholesaler

If you want to start selling cannabis products, choosing a supplier is one of the most important things you will make for your business. This means that you need to evaluate CBD wholesalers carefully.

The provider you choose must not only be able to deliver in sufficient quantities, but also have a good and safe product. The satisfaction of your customers and thus the image of your brand depends on what you offer them.

There are a few little tricks you can keep in mind when choosing a supplier:

Cultivation method:

The first thing you need to know about is how the plants are grown. This way you can get an idea of ​​what type of product it is in advance;

Seeds used:

According to Law No. 242 / 2016, the seeds used for the production of quality cannabis must be certified by the European Union, the latter (along with products from the United States) being of the highest quality if cultivation is carried out accordingly.


A careful assessment of the quality of the product you are purchasing is essential. But be careful not to overspend. Start a business and look for a supplier who can guarantee you a good product at a competitive price.

Extraction method:

t is crucial to understand the extraction method used. For example those that manage without supercritical CO2 and thus do not affect the quality of the product. The use of chemicals, on the other hand, can change the beneficial properties. Always remember that a reputable manufacturer is transparent and does not withhold any information.

Become our partner and start selling CBD right away

If you’ve ever considered getting into CBD sales yourself and becoming a part of this incredible world, we’d be delighted. Because in order to immediately leave a good impression on customers and to create a strong and reliable brand, you need good allies.

The supplier you choose must be able to quickly guarantee the quantity of goods you need. In addition, he must deliver a quality product that the customer likes and at a price that he can afford.

At CBD WHOLESALE we deal with the wholesale sale of our CBD-based products with the aim of creating a network of resellers and selling the highest quality products on the market.

Our experience in the agricultural sector allows us to monitor every single production phase down to the smallest detail. From the cultivation of plants using the most modern and absolutely organic methods, to the extraction of CBD and the creation of an elegant and refined packaging.

We manage the service with resellers from basic support to personalized advice so that each and every commercial activity works optimally. In addition, the research on our products never stops because we want to offer our dealers only the best items.

Still questions?

Now that you know you are one of those who can sell CBD, contact us to become a CBD WHOLESALE partner too. You will get the the price list and all the information you need to start a business. We also answer all the important questions you have about both the world of light cannabis and selling it. We look forward to welcoming you to our big family, which already includes many other retailers.

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