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You want to sell cbd and you are curious to know why many professional growers use CO2 to grow cannabis? In this article we want to deepen your knowledge on this gas and on the techniques to use it in agriculture to stimulate the cannabis harvest.

Any cannabis grower knows that light, water and nutrients are the key to generating excellent buds. We focus a lot on light and fertilizers, as well as on the regulation of the pH of the water. But we neglect the fact that plants grown indoors can suffer from a lack of carbon dioxide.

CO2 is an inert, odorless and colorless gas, naturally present in the atmosphere in limited concentrations. It is essential in chlorophyll photosynthesis, plants could not survive without! In fact, it is thanks to it and to the light that the nutrients necessary for the growth of the plant are produced.

sell cbd: Advantages of using CO2 to grow cannabis

Normally plants find carbon dioxide in the air that surrounds them. They do not need implemented dosages of this substance. In the environment there is generally a concentration of about 300 – 400 ppm and plants need about 200 to grow and survive. But during some stages of development, the presence of higher levels helps to give excellent results. Especially with regard to flowering in indoor crops where there is little natural air exchange.

Spraying the air of your grow box or grow room with CO2 could be the key to enjoying an implemented growth process. And the flowering results of a strong, robust and healthy plant with resistant stems. In addition, your they will be less prone to get sick, more resistant to temperature fluctuations and very hot environments. The result? A very noticeable yield increase of at least 20% and faster flowering.

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sell cbd: Contraindications of the use of CO2 in cannabis cultivation

Obviously, the use of CO2 is a valuable technique but to be managed carefully because increasing this gas could lead to some contraindications. In fact, too high levels of carbon dioxide can trigger an inverse effect and reduce the photosynthesis capacity of cannabis and therefore slow down or even block its development.

How to regulate the CO2 levels in the grow box and grow room?

It is not at all difficult to dose carbon dioxide. In fact it is enough to use controllers, which are created to monitor the levels of CO2 in the air. They are not too expensive and quite accurate tools. They are absolutely necessary when deciding to artificially implement the level of this gas.

The idea is to maintain temperatures around 26-28 ° C and no more because the CO2 injection could heat the atmosphere, the administration should be concentrated in the hours of light because in the dark there is no absorption by the plant. , also make sure you have good ventilation but not too much air recirculation to the outside or the gas will be dispersed.

Although it is of great benefit especially in the early stages of flowering, the addition of CO2 should still persist throughout the life cycle of the plant. Then remember that any growing environment should not exceed 1200 ppm or the environment of the grow box would become toxic for the plant.

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