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What is Super Lemon Haze and what are its characteristics?

The sativa dominance within hemp wholesale that characterizes the plant is connected from the selection of Lemon skunk and super Silver Haze plants. In fact, both derive from long hybridization processes between the Thai and Mexican sativa varieties and the Afghan indica.

The story of the super Lemon Haze originates in the 90s, when the Green House seeds, a Dutch company specialized in the development of new genetics, gave birth to this new variety. From the very beginning the Super lemon was quite appreciated for its particular organoleptic and phytochemical characteristics.

hemp wholesale: Characteristics of the super Lemon Haze

In the most common variety, the Super lemon haze has a high THC rate, which is between 20% and 25%. While as regards the other cannabinoids present they are usually in rather low concentrations.

The lemon haze obtained with the hybridization of legal cannabis are, on the contrary, characterized by a very low THC content. Around 0.2%, and high CBD rates, over 4%. The terpenes from which the characteristic perfume derives are also present.

From an olfactory point of view, the lemon Haze presents an aromatic complexity that goes beyond the lemon notes, reaching aromas ranging from caramel to lime and pink grapefruit. the characteristic scent of the plant is due to the conspicuous presence of limonene, the dominant terpene in this precious variety.

The aftertaste, on the other hand, is vaguely spicy, with hints of incense and black pepper.

Other interesting characteristics of the Lemon Haze are in flowering: the flowers are distinguished by their elongated appearance, the particular hair and the whitish colors.

Properties of dried Lemon Haze

Once produced, dried and prepared for consumption or hemp wholesale, lemon haze marijuana is accompanied by a certificate of analysis; the document certifies the origin of the plant, which is produced from a variety of hemp registered in the EU list.

The certificate also contains a series of important information, such as:

  • the detected amount of THC, detected below 0.2% or equal to 0.2
  • the legality of the product
  • Content certification

The Effects of Super Lemon Haze

Although CBD is clearly superior to THC, Super Lemon haze can give stimulating and energizing effects, which in some cases, depending on the subject, can lead to drowsiness.

Haze is also known to promote appetite, causing the so-called munchies; however it does not present major side effects, even if it is recommended not to exceed the minimum doses.

In fact, if consumed in excess, even the lemon haze variety can lead to anxiety, paranoia and dizziness, especially in subjects not very accustomed to cannabis consumption.

hemp wholesale: How to grow Super Lemon Haze

An interesting feature of Lemon even for hemp wholesale, in addition to its rapid growth, is its resistance to the gray mold fungus.

The considerable height development and the production of flowers variegated in size are distinctive of this plant. Bright green buds with yellow and amber hues and high trichome density give this weed a striking aesthetic appearance.

Usually indoor crops are a little less prolific than outdoor ones, which have a harvest period that takes place between October and November.

The plant prefers a warm climate, not too cold, as low temperatures can damage the inflorescences during a long flowering period. For the rest, cultivating Lemon Haze does not require great attention.

hemp wholesale: Where to buy legal Lemon Haze

Finding Lemon Haze is not difficult; just go to one of the many grow shops present on the national territory. Furthermore, the panorama of online platforms is increasingly well supplied;

WHOLESALECBDITALY is one example. Here you can find good quality Lemon Haze, suitably certified and subjected to the strictest controls to support the high quality standards imposed by European standards.

How many haze strains are there?

Super Lemon Haze isn’t the only Haze strain on the market; following the success of the lemon, various Haze-type varieties were born which are depopulating among enthusiasts.

Super Silver Haze, Strawberry Haze or Amnesia Haze are some examples of haze strains around European grow shops; let’s see four varieties of Haze that we think deserve to be mentioned.

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1. Strawberry Haze

Strawberry Haze is a hybrid Haze strain, also known as Arjan Strawberry Haze. The plant has a high percentage of cannabidiol and derives from the hybridization of the sweet Swiss Sativa and other mainly sativa varieties.

The characteristic aroma of sweet berries is given by the Swiss, while the typical hints of Northem Lights #5 and Foschia C complete the taste.

The legal Strawberry is characterized by the low THC rate, less than 0.3%. This makes it a variety of grass admitted by European regulations.

Going into the merits of the aromatic characteristics, the Strawberry Haze is a bouquet of fruity flowers, among which the intense aroma of the strawberry and a velvety hint of berries prevail.

By now depopulated, the strawberry has conquered the market of lovers of this extraordinary plant!

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2. Super Silver haze

Oddly named, Super Silver Haze features a mix of pungent and sweetish, slightly spicy aromas. Skunk notes mix with the earthy smells of Haze.

In these legal cannabis flowers we can appreciate Afghan reminiscences, less present in other Haze varieties.

It is a particularly energetic type of marijuana, which can stimulate very mentally busy people. Its effects, in fact, have a positive impact on concentration and lucidity, therefore it is recommended to take it during the day.

Great for relieving headaches and anxiety. Why not take a few puffs before starting the day?

3. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a highly appreciated cannabis variety among consumers, precisely because of its effects and its pleasant taste. Like all legal hazes it comes from predominantly sativa hybrids; especially from Thailand, Hawaii, Germany and Cambodia.

Specifically, however, 70% sativa-derived cannabis is obtained, while 30% is obtained from indica cannabis varieties.

This means that the presence of THC is very high, so much so that it even fluctuates around 22%. It therefore has powerful psychotropic and hallucinogenic effects, as well as relaxing and therapeutic.

The terpenes also give this plant a fruity, slightly floral smell and taste, with a predominantly citrus flavour.

The legal variety Amnesia Haze contains significantly lower doses of THC, with a higher dose of CBD. Therefore, this variety is compatible with European regulations and has no psychotropic effects.

4. G13Haze

G13 Haze is an award-winning cannabis strain. The plant is derived from G13 genetics and Hawaiian Haze.

Among the Haze strains it is the most stimulating, even more so than Silver Haze. It is particularly suitable for those with creative needs; after the creative push given by the first puffs, one immediately has the sensation of freeing the mind and feeling the relaxation of one’s body.

Excellent for keeping people who need to work and produce in the intellectual sphere relaxed and concentrated.

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