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The AK 47 is one of the best known varieties of cannabis and, although over the years it has been joined by numerous varieties of at least comparable quality, it is still among the most loved by many people today.

But what are the characteristics of AK 47 cannabis? Let’s try to summarize them together!

hemp wholesale uk: AK 47 Cannabis Info

With a little history, let’s remember that AK 47 is a cannabis variety whose origins date back to the 70s of the last century. Although there are many theories on the exact creation of this variant, it is likely that it was the successful experiment of a cross between Thai and Afghani, then crossed several times in the following years in order to obtain more homogeneous seeds, typical of a variety that could have a full and independent qualification on the market.

Why is it called that?

The AK 47 is a variety with a rather particular name: in fact, its denomination recalls that of the acronym of the famous Russian rifle, as if to clearly indicate what effect can be obtained from its use. In reality, even if it is true that the variant is a bit strong, especially for those who do not have much experience in taking these products, it is also true that it is a balanced typology, before which it is still possible to find one’s equilibrium, perhaps reducing the quantities taken.

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hemp wholesale uk: AK47 effects and flavors

AK 47 has the characteristic of developing a strong aroma, clearly distinguishable from other varieties. The sense of smell is stimulated by woody nuances, with references to sandalwood and pine. However, there is no shortage of citrus, full-bodied and refreshing notes. The AK 47 flavors will also confirm these sensations, leaving a rather intense citrus sensation.

 Moving on to the effects, the assumption of AK 47 is able to determine a rather lasting perception of euphoria, able to relax and invigorate at the same time.

Precisely for this reason the AK 47 is preferred by those people who want to find a good support to be able to treat anxiety, stress and tension. However, considering that its psychoactive effects can be very intense, it is obviously advisable to take it very sparingly. Until you are able to find the right balance.

hemp wholesale uk: Cultivate the AK 47

Recalling that the AK 47 is a variety with a high THC content and, therefore, certainly not comparable to the light cannabis varieties, we highlight how the AK 47 is relatively simple to grow and how there are also variations in the autoflowering AK 47 on the market.

The AK 47 is in fact suitable for different types of growing environments, both in soil and in hydroponics, and can grow both outdoors and indoors, however preferring a mild climate. The flowering period is around 8-9 weeks: this is a relatively short period of time, considering that between sativa and indica, AK 47 tends to be dominant of the former.

Naturally, we welcome this opportunity to remind you once again that in our country the cannabis that can be legally purchased is only that with a very low THC content, such as not to cause psychoactive effects in consumers.

Precisely for this reason we invite you to consult the varieties of light and legal cannabis that you can buy on our site: qualified and certified products that you can order on our shop at any time, with the certainty of receiving them at home within just 24/48 hours in a discreet and confidential package, which conceals the contents.

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