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What they are and how to use them

The first to formulate a distinction between the categories of cannabis was a Frenchman, the biologist and naturalist Jean Baptiste Lamarck: it was 1785. He dedicated himself above all to the study of the effects of hemp coming from equatorial countries – such as Mexico and Colombia – and from the Middle East (Morocco, Turkey). The distinction initiated by the French naturalist has led, over time, to the modern classification between cannabis sativa and indica herb. Each has unique elements and specific characteristics, which do not only concern the effects.

hemp suppliers uk: Relief, relaxation and areas of application

To understand what hemp is, we must first distinguish these two categories: sativa hemp differs primarily from the indica variety in terms of growth and flowering times. The first takes longer to develop and make flowers – about 3 months – but the product is of higher quality.
Sativa hemp inflorescences are known and appreciated for the many therapeutic implications they have: they promote relief and relaxation, as well as recovery in case of inflammation and other pains in the musculoskeletal system.

This is thanks to the particular concentration of CBD. this substance acts as a natural analgesic by acting on the CB1 pain receptor.

CBD (or cannabidiol, a metabolite of cannabis sativa) is known and appreciated for being able to combat states of anxiety and stress and obsessive compulsive disorder. CBD can also be taken in the form of oil to counteract the feeling of nausea and for an anti-aging effect on the skin.

This active ingredient has many applications, in different areas:
well being,

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hemp suppliers uk: A natural relaxant thanks to the presence of Cbd

After the legalization of light cannabis, this substance has experienced a real boom in approval as even the chronic skeptics have chosen to approach it to give it a chance. Millennia ago man resorted to the treasures that Nature offered him to find refreshment and relief: it is believed that cannabis – with its relaxing properties – was discovered about 10 thousand years ago. Then a dense prohibitionism hid the potential of this substance from public opinion, until the legalization of light hemp took place. Today, in fact, the importance of the sativa hemp inflorescence is being re-evaluated: in fact, a continuous process of study and understanding of its potential is underway.

Light cannabis is obtained from the female inflorescences of cannabis sativa, which contain a percentage of Thc which is low by law. They act as a natural relaxing substance thanks to the high concentration of CBD even if – in any case – the effects are subjective and can vary in intensity from one person to another.

There are many pathologies that can be alleviated by resorting to a routine and constant use of products whose main ingredient is CBD. The latter is in fact able to counteract the typical effects of THC, which taken in high doses can give the ‘high’ with all the negative consequences of the case.

After prohibition a new phase of scientific study

Light hemp inflorescences can also be used for the preparation of drinks, for example by combining them with boiling water in an infuser to obtain relaxing herbal teas. The inflorescences – correctly chopped, very fine – can also be used to give more character to certain confectionery preparations.

The future with regard to hemp properties, after years of closure, is yet to be written and it is important to note how science has launched an interesting and global study path regarding it also and above all from a therapeutic point of view.

To be considered completely legal, the inflorescences of cannabis sativa must contain a percentage of Thc below 0.2%. Law 242 of 2016, a real milestone, in fact regulated the amount of Thc that can be put on the market and made the sale of cannabis sativa light inflorescences legal for the purposes of:
technical use,

Among the main implications to which this new legislation has led, there must also be a significant increase in sales – for hemp suppliers uk especially via the internet – of sativa hemp inflorescences, whose aroma is intense and deep. The flowers must be selected with particular care, while the plants must be cultivated without chemical agents.

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