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Making yourself a cup of hot tea is a good habit that knows no time, age or season. When we get ready to go to bed at night, while reading a book in the mid-afternoon. Or when we decide to take some time to relax alone or with a friend. There is nothing better than sipping this enveloping drink. In short, in addition to the classic five o’clock tea – typical of Anglo-Saxon culture – but made from hemp seeds.

Invigorating and at the same time relaxing effect: you always drink it

Furthermore, new consumption habits are gaining ground, especially as regards the preparation of tea and related ingredients. Since the legalization of light cannabis, this product has experienced a boom in international acclaim. It is a substance that can be used to do many things. Also to prepare a good tea with an invigorating effect.

This drink is really super, perfect for interpreting the cold months of the year but obviously not only. It refreshes and warms us, giving us the push we need to quickly recharge our batteries. Or to reconcile the evening. Tea is rich in antioxidants, so it has a beneficial effect on our body. And in particular on the skin and memory. Let’s see if all this holds true for marijuana tea as well.

Let’s start by saying that all the arguments made so far on the beneficial properties for our body also apply to marijuana tea, but they are not the only ones to come into play. This is because, in addition to those indicated, the addition of the legalized substance brings further advantages. Cannabis tea is full of new nuances of taste, it can also be used as a valid ally in case of stress and anxiety but also in the presence of mild pain, nausea and gastrointestinal problems or insomnia.

hemp seeds: No high, just a series of benefits for the body

Some people still view a substance such as legal cannabis with suspicion, imagining that it can give the buzz and therefore alter the perception of reality endangering those who take it. In reality, given the reduced concentration of Thc (acronym of tetrahydrocannabinol, active ingredient of a psychotropic nature) this danger is not run. The level of Thc, established by law, must in fact remain below a certain risk threshold (0.2%). In this way you do not feel any negative effect on your psychophysical balance but only a pleasantly intoxicating sensation, as well as relaxing. Now let’s see the tips for preparing the perfect marijuana tea.

Things to know to prepare the perfect cup of tea made from hemp seeds

Now that we have focused on the qualities and beneficial properties of a drink like hemp seeds flavored tea, the time has come to take a step forward and try to understand how a good steaming cup can be prepared.

The first thing to do of course is to get hemp seeds or canabis, using the digital showcases of certified specialists who offer a very wide variety of solutions. Having done this, it is worth remembering – and always keeping in mind – that Thc is not water soluble and that therefore, in order for grass tea to give the desired effects, it will be necessary to proceed with decarboxylation.

hemp seeds
Human Stomach Anatomy Illustration. 3D render

What is it about?

It is the procedure that must be put into practice to extract the THC from the herb using heat. How to act? Take your cannabis light and put it in a pan. Then bake at 100 degrees and let go for at least an hour. The extraction of Thc, in order to take place correctly, will also require that the herb is mixed with a fatty substance (coconut oil, for example).

Sipping marijuana tea will soothe the discomfort in the throat and the sense of irritation, furthermore this drink will be able to give relaxing sensations even more intense than those – already intense in themselves – typical of classic infusions. In addition to supporting us in our quest for tranquility and relaxation, cannabis tea helps our gastrointestinal systems stay healthy and in good working order. Experiment, experiment and experiment until you find the combination that best suits you, also from the point of view of effects.

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