20 Feb

Hemp seed oil, perfect dosage and guaranteed benefits are not a chimera. you just need to know how to calculate the perfect quantity for your needs to be able to obtain all the advantages offered by this effective and precious preparation.

Hemp seed oil dosage

A bit like what happens with diets, with the strength of glasses or with the dosage of drugs, the quantities of consumption related to CBD oil also depend greatly on personal factors. In the case of CBD, dosage and frequency of ingestion are linked to aspects such as body weight, metabolism, sensitivity to the active ingredient and possible co-presence of pharmacological therapies. These aspects mean that each individual has an ideal dose to reach, and the simplest and safest way to identify it is to start with a low or medium-low potency oil and a minimum quantity to evaluate the perceived benefits and possibly increase the dose or content percentage of CBD until you reach perfect satisfaction.

hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil 10%: starting dosage

With a 10% product or a 5% CBD oil, the ideal dosage and frequency of intake can be identified easily and in complete comfort, gradually increasing consumption.

In the case of these two types of product, our advice is to start with 4 drops a day taken sublingually on two different occasions (for example in the morning and before sleeping), monitoring the effects for at least three days. In the event that the perceived benefits are still too low, it is possible to increase by 1 or 2 drops per administration, continuing to monitor the effects until a stable improvement in the symptoms to be treated is achieved.

Hemp seed oil dosage for anxiety

What drives you to take CBD oil? Depending on your needs (fighting anxiety, promoting rest, lowering the level of stress, combating physical pain…) it is advisable to adopt different dosages. In the case of anxiety disorders, for example, the most commonly used dosage is medium or medium-high intensity (standard dosage).

CBD oil: dosage for sleeping

Also on this occasion of consumption of CBD oil, dosage and frequency of intake settle on medium or medium-high intensity depending on the severity of the symptoms. The same guidelines apply to those who have difficulty falling asleep, to those who suffer from frequent awakenings and to those who suffer the side effects of insomnia such as migraines and irritability.

Hemp seed oil dosage: parkinson and other pathologies

In the case of serious or degenerative pathologies, the consumption of CBD oil must follow the instructions of a doctor who recognizes its interactions with current pharmacological therapies. Usually, in the case of particularly demanding situations, a macrodose of between 50 and 800 mg of CBD per day is adopted.

CBD oil: dosage in drops

A very simple but effective way to calculate the CBD content of an oil is to keep in mind that, as a guide, a drop of 5% product contains about 2.5 milligrams of active ingredient and a drop of 10% product offers about 5 milligrams. .

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