13 Feb

hemp products for better studying


It might seem counterintuitive to some, but those who habitually consume cannabis know that on certain occasions a well-made and dosed joint can help clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts and regain concentration. Just think that hemp products are just for getting high!

The truth is that thanks to it many feel more lucid and motivated and therefore manage to complete a job, or in this case to study, with much better results. Let’s find out together why cannabis could help you study better.

The use of cannabinoids to improve one’s concentration has pros and cons, it is not a thing for everyone, on the contrary… for some people it could lead to the opposite effect and extremely relax the body and the brain but in general if used methodically cannabis (and especially CBD) can give very good results.

In this article we will analyze the pros and cons of using cannabis during the study and we will talk about which are the best strains to improve one’s cognitive response just like we did for the topic of cannabis and work performance.

Historically many students (especially in the USA) rely on drugs that are not at all light in order to perform better in the study, for example Adderall (an amphetamine mix of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine) or simply fill up with coffee. But what about weed and studying? Recent research has confirmed what many hemp products lovers have already understood for decades: cannabis used in a certain way helps to concentrate, memorize, stay alert and can motivate to complete an “intellectual” task.

hemp products

Does weed make studying easier?

Let’s say it’s not obvious and it’s not the same for everyone, but in general it’s a good option to try to get natural help without side effects. However, it is essential to find your own strategy (not everyone reacts equally to cannabinoids) and above all to experiment with dosages and varieties, to obtain reliable results.

First of all, evaluate how you usually react to the consumption of cannabinoids and start with light dosages before starting work. The first few times it is possible that we find ourselves excessively relaxed or that cannabis leads us to develop anxiety instead of sedating it. The first thing to do is observe yourself and understand your reactions, then find your own way.

Advantages of taking hemp products when studying

Cannabis could be an aid during a study session for various reasons. First, a low dosage of THC is enough to trigger the production of dopamine, a chemical that makes you more motivated and performant. This is why cannabis often disinhibits us and makes us feel more self-confident… and this helps a lot in studying!

Furthermore, many researches argue that a pinch of THC can also make us more predisposed to creative processes, which in the study of many subjects can be positive. There are also cannabis cultivars that help fight moodiness and depression, certainly being in a good mood helps when you have to spend a lot of time on books.

Disadvantages of taking hemp products while studying

Let’s also try to evaluate the possible negative effects of the combination of study and marijuana. First of all it is important to avoid continuing to turn the joint on and off, this could already be a distraction.

It is therefore better to smoke before starting and establish some relaxation breaks to recharge the level of cannabinoids and rest the brain. Also remember that consuming an excessive dose of cannabinoids can impair concentration, scupper motivation, and destroy any chance of coming out on top from an intense study session.

Tricks to hemp products to study better

To improve your focus, control your buzz and study to the fullest of your ability, we recommend doing a few tests before you really need to prepare for an exam or test. First of all, it is better to take very low doses of cannabinoids, small quantities distributed over the various hours of study to keep the endocannabinoid system active but not lose control of the situation. You will understand after a few trials what is the limit that derails you from your purpose.

Second, it is better to favor CBD-rich and THC-poor varieties, such as legal Italian cannabis, to avoid highs, anxiety and agitation. Obviously the route of administration is also important, if you normally appreciate the power of edibles, remember that their effect is much more lasting and difficult to control. Better to take cannabinoids by vaporizing and making a joint in order to recover faster (eating something or drinking a nice orange juice) in case the effects are not the expected ones.

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