10 Jul

Fight the heat with a delicious hemp oil mango smoothie

With the arrival of summer, the desire for creativity in the kitchen also grows, always in the name of a careful diet without excesses. Fruit, by its essence, is synonymous with freshness and well-being, which is why it is the basis of many colorful and nutritious preparations, in combination with hemp oil perfect for interpreting the summer and the hottest months, giving moments of absolute pleasure.

Among the drinks that are most popular together with the cocktails that populate the aperitif time – garnished with some alcoholic and sparkling notes – there are also fruit smoothies to make breakfasts like champions capable of changing the trend of an entire day. But hold on! There is a drink that stands as a real wild card, that you can consume at any time, at work as well as under an umbrella. And the preparation is extremely easy: we are talking about the smoothie.

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The recipe for a wild drink with hemp oil, suitable at any time

The smoothie recipe originated in the 1940s in America: it was initially included among the recommendations for the use of kitchen mixers. The word ‘smooth’ literally translates as ‘smooth’ or ‘velvety. Smoothies are all those types of well-blended and uniform compound that are obtained thanks to the use of a mixer.

Over time, the popularity of the smoothie – especially with fruit – has grown, intercepting the groups of vegans and vegetarians (who have a real veneration for fruit). Sportspeople have also become interested in this particular drink, which in the 1970s had become synonymous with fitness. The advice for a nutritious, fresh and typically summer colored smoothie? Make it using mango but with a secret ingredient, that is a few drops of CBD.

By resorting to this particular substance, in fact, the smoothie will be able to give a full well-being and a feeling of unparalleled relaxation. CBD (cannabidiol, metabolite of cannabis sativa) has an anti-stress effect particularly suitable for moments of siesta by the sea, to seal the escape from the routine. The mango smoothie with hemp oil therefore seems ideal for a full-blown relaxation break. But why the mango?

The beneficial properties of hemp oil and mango, the fruit of summer

The decision to make a mango smoothie with hemp oil to recharge the batteries is linked to the important nutritional properties of this fruit with its unmistakable yellow-orange pulp. Native to Asia, mango is a food with diuretic and laxative properties. Furthermore, the fact that it contains lupeol (an antioxidant) allows you to obtain safe benefits for the colon and pancreas. It is offered as a natural tonic and is particularly suitable for fighting stressful situations. It is rich in many substances:

vitamin A, B, C, D
– mineral salts,
– iron,
– sodium,
– magnesium,
– and potassium.

It will be useful to underline the extreme richness of sugars, which makes mango unsuitable for consumption by those people suffering from diabetes. Consuming fresh mango with a summer smoothie is ideal for making the skin more beautiful, hydrated and radiant. The reason is obvious: as with most vegetables, the fruit of the mango also offers our body the water, minerals and vitamins that are necessary to keep the skin supple and healthy. Not to mention the benefits due to its antioxidant effect and the ability to fight free radicals.

The recipe for a nutritious and fresh relaxation break

When it comes time for a relaxing break, you need to think better about what to prepare. We mentioned the extreme ease of making the mango smoothie recipe with CBD, as well as the relaxing and nourishing properties that it is able to offer to the body. So let’s see what are the necessary ingredients and what are the steps to make this summer drink.


1 chopped mango,

1 sliced ​​banana,

finely chopped ginger,

coconut water,

cbd oil,

turmeric powder,


Take the mixer and slowly add all the ingredients: start with the fruit – banana and mango – then add the spices, turmeric and ginger. Now take hemp oil and coconut water, and put it together with a cup of ice. Operate the blender and wait for the mixture to be perfectly smooth (or ‘smooth’). The exotic scent will be felt as soon as you pour the fresh mixture into the glass.


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