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Flowering is a delicate period in the life of the cannabis plant and, especially for hemp manufacturers indoor crops, it could be a late flowering or it could be necessary to stimulate the plant to produce inflorescences. Let’s find out together how to know when our plants need a little help and when instead we just need to give them a little more time.

It happens to newbies as well as to the most skilled growers, sometimes there are plants that don’t want to flower when they should, fortunately in most cases there are some solutions to adopt to bring your marijuana into the productive phase. If you too are waiting to see some stubborn plants flourish… here is some sage advice from our Growers, but first it is perhaps appropriate to ask yourself a few questions.

hemp manufactures: Are you sure yours is not a male plant?

First you have to be sure that your seedling is actually what you believe, are you really sure you have a female cannabis on your hands? It might seem obvious, but often by buying seeds that are not of the highest quality it could happen that you put plants of the non-female gender at home and this can really create problems.

Not only because you won’t see the buds you expect but also because these little boys at some point could also compromise the productivity of nearby female plants by pollinating them and making them useless. Obviously this problem shouldn’t affect you if you bought feminized seeds from a reliable reseller… but it’s always better to ask yourself two questions when the flowers don’t arrive.

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hemp manufactures: Which variety did you choose?

Maybe you wish your cannabis plants were already in full bloom after 4 weeks but they have other plans. hemp manufacturers must always evaluate what are the inclinations of the genetics of your choice before making plans and predictions. This is because each variety has different flowering times. If you are in a hurry, we recommend choosing a predominantly indica genetic that usually begins to flower after 45 days of life.

If you have time and patience you can instead wait for the results of the sativa which is usually ready to produce flowers only after 60 days. Do you want to play it safe and have a super fast harvest? The only solution is autoflowering plants, in fact, unlike photoperiodic varieties, autoflowering plants religiously respect the growth calendar and have relatively short and punctual life cycles. If you have these strains on hand rest assured that the plants will have a very short vegetative phase and you will see the first flowers appear after about 4 or 5 weeks of growth.

Play with the light and the flowers will come

If you have checked that you have female plants in your hands and the flowering period of the genetics of your choice has now officially passed, perhaps your plants need help to understand that it is time to start flowering.

Here’s how you can help hemp manufacturers: Play with the light and they’ll get going. In fact, in nature it is the change in light received that pushes a plant (non-autoflowering) to pass from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase, you can simulate this change yourself with indoor plants.

For indoor crops the ideal would always be to use blue spectrum lights during the vegetative phase, when the plants are still in the growth phase, then when they have reached adulthood the flowering phase can be triggered by exposing them to 12 hours of light with red spectrum and 12 hours of darkness. Be careful not to bust the cycles, moreover it is always better to prefer LED and HID lights over low voltage ones. If this is exactly the system you are using but you still don’t see results, perhaps you have positioned the lights too far from the plants, try to dim them a little, always maintaining the safety limit so as not to burn them.

hemp manufactures: How to recognize signs of flowering

To reassure you, we also want to teach you to recognize the signs of the advent of flowering early, something that is taken for granted for the more expert growers but which could be of interest to the latest arrivals in the sector. Recognizing the signs of the transition from the vegetative phase to flowering is simple: the plant stops growing in height and concentrates on producing inflorescences. To see them you have to keep an eye on the nodes. In these parts of the plant, small pistils will first appear and then you will slowly see your inflorescences grow.

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