02 Jan

The beneficial effects for the skin

After many years of misinformation and penalties, cannabis has finally been re-evaluated. This plant, known primarily for recreational use, is one of the most versatile ever known to man. The innumerable properties of its cannabinoids have been recognized by multiple scientific studies. These researches have shown that CBD, in particular, has important beneficial effects on the skin. For this reason, Hemp creams have been created in recent years, which are now available on the cosmetic market.

CBD cosmetics are increasingly sought after, thanks to their natural healing properties and the absence of substances harmful to health. In this article we will tell you about why these products are so loved by consumers and what their main benefits are.

What is CBD?

Cannabis is mostly known for its recreational use. However it is increasingly used in the medical field and as a treatment for various ailments. CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of the 100 naturally occurring chemical compounds found within Cannabis sativa. What differentiates it from the cannabinoid THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) is the fact that cannabidiol has no psychoactive effects.

CBD is able to modulate some mechanisms that already exist and are in place within our body. In fact CBD acts on the immune system or indirectly on an inflammatory process, restoring the original balance. CBD therefore involves an indirect modulation of an alteration of the human endocannabinoid system, caused by pathologies or traumas.

Hemp Cream: The endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a biological system of communication between cells present in both the human body and in almost all animals. It is a network of receptors, integrated with each other, through which the stability of the organism is ensured. The integrated system receptors are also present in the skin of the body, in different places. For this reason CBD is very useful from a dermatological point of view. It interacts with the epidermis in a completely natural way, favoring homeostasis. CBD works not only on damaged cells of the epidermal tissue, but also on healthy ones.

Hemp Cream

Hemp Cream: The properties of cannabidiol

The skin is one of our largest organs and is very rich in endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), present in practically all its cells. Whether we are talking about creams or oils, CBD is full of beneficial properties that can contribute to our well-being. Cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system present in the body, because it helps the body to regenerate.

Numerous studies have confirmed the regenerative properties of cannabidiol. Below we list the main ones:

Anti-inflammatory: CBD is able to eliminate inflammatory cytokines and chemokines. Proteins that must be kept under control by the body. In fact, excessive stimulation of these proteins can cause very serious damage to the cells of the body. CBD helps the body to remain in a balanced situation, avoiding inflammatory processes. Furthermore, cannabidiol has been shown to be able to reduce the oxidative stress that can affect brain cells;

Antioxidants: CBD stimulates cell differentiation and growth, performing a nourishing action. This important property is fundamental against aging. Indeed, one of the causes of skin deterioration and the formation of wrinkles is the oxidizing action of free radicals. CBD is a natural antioxidant, much more effective than many other compounds on the market, which often use chemical elements. Cannabidiol controls cell differentiation. Furthermore, recent studies have discovered its benefit against the proliferation of cancer cells;

Antivirals and antibacterials: One of the most common annoyances, is the formation of acne, caused by an excessive production of sebum. Recent studies have established that topical CBD products perform a threefold function against acne.

The benefits of CBD on the skin

  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Hemp Cremes: Sebum

Hemp cream is able to reduce the production of sebum, one of the many problems associated with oily skin. It is no coincidence that subjects who experience excessive sebaceous secretion also suffer from irritations, as well as frequent reddening of the skin.

In fact, the skin tends to get irritated and inflammation is a natural reaction of the skin that worsens the situation of the epidermis. CBD acts on the inflammatory response of the epidermis, while regenerating the damaged cell. Its function, therefore, not only cures the effect, but also the cause, thanks to its regenerative qualities.

Hemp Cream for the face

CBD-based face creams and serums contain a high concentration of the active ingredient, therefore they confer significant benefits on the skin of the face. They are generally moisturizing or anti-aging, able to counteract and prevent dryness, as well as the damage caused by premature aging. These products significantly reduce the presence of wrinkles, dyschromia and flaking, making them particularly suitable for sensitive and reactive skins.

Hemp Cream for the body

Just like face creams, CBD body creams are also created to give hydration and elasticity to the skin, promoting its regeneration and effectively soothing any inflammation. Widely used to make the skin soft and compact, they are a valid aid for the treatment of skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and inflammation or irritation due, for example, to excessive exposure to UV rays.


CBD has now become a trend, a real fundamental ingredient for our beauty, as well as for our well-being. To date, cosmetics is focused on a single objective, that of offering 100% natural products, of vegetable origin and deriving from certified organic agriculture. A conscious and environmentalist perspective in total respect not only for one’s person but also for the planet. Products like CBD creams and CBD oils are definitely at the top of the list and consumers seem to be enjoying them more and more!

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