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Cannabis curing: the difference between mediocre and excellent

With the tanning we try to uniformly redistribute the humidity inside the buds and to bring about those bio-chemical processes. This will determine the aromas and chemical characteristics of the light cannabis flowers.

diamond cbd: Humidity regulation

First, perfect drying of the flower is necessary. After the drying phase, the flowers are apparently dry. In truth, too much water still remains inside the buds. With a good curing, the humidity inside the grain gradually moves outwards, until the perfect humidity level is reached.

Chemical transformation of cannabinoids and terpenes

The second objective of tanning, equally important, is to transform a product that is too “young”, with a smell of hay, into an excellent product, which brings out all the characteristic terpenic bouquet of our diamond cbd.

This happens mainly thanks to biochemical processes which in particular end the degradation of chlorophyll, pigments and sugars naturally present in hemp.

In addition to this, there is also a natural transformation of cannabinoids from their acidic component (e.g. CBDA) into their neutral component (CBD). This process is called decarboxylation.

diamond cbd

How to cure light cannabis flowers?

The previously dried flowers are placed inside hermetically sealed containers. These must be filled to 2/3 of their capacity, without being pressed, and completely in the dark.

By doing so, you will have enough air to keep the microorganisms responsible for continuing the desired biochemical processes alive. This will prevent the light from degrading the cannabinoids.

If, on the other hand, the containers are filled too much or the flowers pressed, there will be too high a humidity level with the consequent risk of the onset of mold (almost a certainty).

diamond cbd: Strict controls

For the first 15-20 days the containers have to be opened every day, several times a day, for a couple of minutes to supply new oxygen.

On occasion, the diamond cbd buds should be gently turned and stirred in order to visually (and olfactorily) check that there is no mold.

The humidity in containers should always be between 55% and 62%.

At Wholesale CBD Italy, we monitored the humidity using a hygrometer in each container: when the humidity was too high, during the check we left the containers open longer, if instead it was too low, we opened them for a longer time. short.

After the first few days, the most delicate, the checks can be reduced over time.

Tanning times and quality

By now it is clear that curing times affect the chemistry and aromas of the buds and that a good curing lasts from a minimum of 20 days up to 6 months. There shouldn’t be any significant changes after that.

diamond cbd: summing up

  • Sanitized workplaces;
  • Containers filled to 2/3 of their capacity;
  • Flowers always kept in the dark;
  • Daily control for air exchange, humidity control (55-62%) and mold verification;
  • Minimum duration of tanning 20 days.

Remember well: it is a good tanning process that elevates an otherwise mediocre product to levels of excellence.

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