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After harvesting, strictly manual since there are no such “delicate” and precise machines for us cbd wholesaler, the cannabis flowers must be dried.

cbd wholesaler: Why dry cannabis light

 The objective of drying is to remove moisture from the flowers in order to preserve them properly: they will have to maintain a certain level of humidity, low enough to avoid mold and high enough to ensure that the bio-chemical processes inside the flower can continue.

Types of drying

The drying process can take place using special ovens or in a natural way and the type of process chosen will influence the final product.

Oven drying is rapid (a couple of days) and allows you to process large quantities of flowers at the expense of the aromas and organoleptic characteristics of the final product.

 Natural drying, on the other hand, requires more time (10-20 days), many more risks and much more attention to avoid them.  At the same time, it allows you to retain many more flavors and cannabinoids, which means better flavor and chemical properties.

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 cbd wholesaler:  The natural drying process

 we opted for natural drying associated with a prolonged tanning period, although this required more care and the possibility of putting our products on the market later than other producers.

 Normally, for natural drying, the “flowered tops” are hung upside down or the buds are placed on fine-mesh nets. Thy are arranged so that they do not touch each other.

 The environment must be absolutely healthy, with temperatures between 18 and 23 degrees, humidity around 50%, adequately ventilated and dark.

It is essential to respect all these factors.

Too high a temperature and too dry an environment would cause the flowers to dry out too quickly.  Too high humidity, on the other hand, would increase the chances of mold developing.  Finally, darkness is necessary because light degrades cannabinoids.

cbd wholesaler: When to finish drying?

The drying process can be defined as concluded when the flowers are dry, but do not crumble when handled, and when the smaller twigs break when bent.  The bigger ones, on the other hand, will still remain a little flexible.

summing up:

Natural drying better than with ovens;

 Dark, ventilated and sanitized drying room;

 Room humidity around 50%;

 Temperatures between 18° and 23°C;

 Daily monitoring to avoid molds.

And now the flowers are ready for curing. A fundamental phase that makes the difference between inflorescences and excellent cannabis inflorescences.  

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