23 Jan

Currently, legal marijuana consumers and cbd suppliers uk are constantly growing. However, few really know how to store marijuana correctly and for a fairly long period of time. In order for this herb produced from the drying of the flowers of the sativa hemp plants to be kept at its best and full of aroma and to continue to release beneficial effects, it is necessary to know how to preserve the integrity of its active ingredients. So let’s see in this article how to store marijuana to always have a quality product available.

cbd suppliers uk: How long can marijuana be kept fresh

Although it doesn’t have an expiration date, to enjoy the beneficial effects of this herb for a long time, you need to know how to store it. In principle, with the necessary precautions, our marijuana could last for six months or more, with some small tricks and paying due attention, however, we could be able to keep it in an optimal way even longer, even for over a year.

If the flowers become too dry, even the aroma will transform, taking harsher notes, it will therefore be important to pay attention to various natural factors and make sure you buy it only from legal and serious resellers who can offer the highest certified quality.

The cultivation, processing and subsequent sale processes are based on a philosophy linked to an artisanal process and as natural as possible. The products available on its e-commerce are therefore characterized by excellent quality and resistance, thanks also to extremely innovative cultivation techniques, which allow to obtain plants grown both indoors and outdoors.

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What are the factors to consider for perfect conservation

As regards the environmental factors to be evaluated, particular attention must be paid to:
Temperature; this factor affects the possible formation of molds that proliferate between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, for this reason it is essential to keep our marijuana in a cool place and avoid heat sources that could dry it out too much. We also avoid freezing it, because in doing so it could lose its properties.

Air. excessive exposure to this element could accelerate the degenerative process and deteriorate it, if it has not been properly dried. An excellent idea could be to evaluate how to vacuum pack the herb.

Light. UV rays are dangerous to the integrity of cannabinoids. If exposed to light for too long, the harvested buds will begin to lose potency and THC, so it will be necessary to store our weed in a dark place without light sources.

Humidity. humidity is an environmental factor to keep in mind, as it can easily favor the proliferation of molds and fungi. Maintaining correct humidity levels will ensure the correct conservation of our marijuana, preventing any contaminants from compromising it and thus causing rot. A low level of humidity in the air could also cause dehydration, with a consequent reduction in essential oils.

cbd suppliers uk: Which containers to use

To best preserve marijuana, glass jars with airtight closures to be kept in cool and dark places or ceramic jars are an excellent solution, which will allow you to keep it fresh and safe. In this case, the advice to give is to be careful to open the jar only when necessary, so as to avoid unnecessary and excessive changes in temperature which would damage the quality of the herb compounds, compromising its aroma and smell. Instead, it will be good to avoid any plastic container, because it could accelerate the aging process.

In fact, plastic releases chemical molecules that would be better avoided and bags made of this material allow the passage of air and light, creating humidity inside. Another safe storage method involves strictly airless bags. Inquiring about how to vacuum pack the herb is certainly a valid solution. Humidifying bags are also available on the market, useful for keeping the percentage of humidity stable, so as to be sure of being able to have a quality product that lasts over time.

To be absolutely avoided not only freezing, which will damage the product by considerably reducing its potency, but also keeping our marijuana in the fridge, this because changes in temperature can damage its freshness and encourage the proliferation of bacteria.

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