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A Handy Product Guide

Whether you are just starting to take CBD or are a more experienced consumer, one of the most frequent questions concerns the choice of the type of CBD product a CBD supplier can offer you.. which is the best? There are many interesting solutions, but all of them have specific characteristics. In this article we give you some practical information on each one. So you can consciously choose and evaluate which type of CBD product to buy.

CBD is becoming a very popular dietary supplement. Now that it has become legal in many countries it is increasingly easier to find in many formats. Oil, inflorescences, capsules, herbal teas… The world of cannabidiol is very varied. But often the methods of administration are not well illustrated to customers. Here is our contribution for your training on CBD!

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There is a discreet difference between the various methods of administering cannabinoids. Some like the idea of ​​the joint loaded with CBD inflorescences, while others want to completely avoid smoking and prefer to take a product by mouth. Such as oil. But what if you’re picky and don’t like the herbaceous flavor of CBD? Well, there are the capsules! If, on the other hand, you want to have the maximum benefits on your skin, there are cosmetic products! In short, we are talking about a truly complex world. Here is a short but useful guide to cannabidiol-based products on the market with an explanation of their action on the body and specific characteristics.

CBD supplier: CBD inflorescences

The famous CBD-rich cannabis inflorescences are available in many varieties. To see how effective they are just look at the percentage of cannabinoids they contain. There are those containing cannabinoid mixes (often THC) or with a prevalence of CBD (such as Italian legal cannabis) .

To consume them in a canonical way you can roll the inflorescences in a joint (in countries where this move is legal!). But they are also perfect as a basis for creating edibles, infusions, extracts with your own hands. In short, this is certainly the “original” product ”And the most versatile. Obviously it is also the most difficult to dose. If are looking for a precise amount of CBD to be taken daily in a rigorous way and perhaps without too much effort, maybe it is not for you. If you like to delight in rolling and sucking instead you will love it.

CBD supplier: CBD oil

Concentrated CBD oils are made by diluting a CBD extract from the inflorescences in a carrier oil. The most common being extra virgin olive oil or hemp oil. Also in this case the presence of CBD is indicated by the percentages that you will find on the package. The higher the percentage the more powerful the oil is. Generally, the packs on the market are bottles with drop counters that can be taken sublingually (for maximum effect) or diluted in a liquid such as water or orange juice.

The beauty of CBD oil is that it acts fairly quickly (especially when taken under the tongue), and is also very easy to dose thanks to the handy drop counter and the presence of percentages on the packaging. This is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and discreet solutions, in fact it is also one of the most loved by those who take CBD for health reasons. The only drawback: the oil has a fairly intense flavor, not everyone’s crazy!

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CBD oil with Melatonin

For those who love the idea of ​​CBD-based oil and are looking for a specific product for sleeping, we recommend the combination of CBD and melatonin instead. These two active ingredients put together work magically, giving relaxation and balance and restoring order to your sleep cycles.

CBD supplier: CBD capsules

CBD capsules are the ultra-convenient and tasteless alternative to concentrated oil. They have a specific dose (well clarified on the product packaging) of CBD oil that can be comfortably ingested in a flash. Discreetly and without arousing questions. Just like any other supplement. Thanks to the gel cover, the capsules are gradually absorbed in the stomach and digestive tract, manifesting their effects gradually, with a certain slowness but guaranteeing a much longer-lasting coverage of the oil. For this reason they are often chosen by those suffering from inflammation and chronic pain. They are also completely flavorless and this helps those who are a bit more picky with strong flavors.

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Edibles, drinks and herbal teas

CBD edibles are becoming more and more popular. By now it is clear that there are many CBD products ready for consumption in circulation. Biscuits, candies, chocolate, chewing gum, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. The important thing is to know that when you consume a cannabis food, CBD and the other cannabinoids contained in it will be available more slowly but will then have a powerful and lasting effect over time, with a slow and prolonged release.

Drinks and herbal teas have a slightly shorter time of action but similarly to solid food they can offer powerful effects when they contain high concentrations of CBD. But in general for those on the market it is difficult to find products with a high concentration of cannabinoids, at least in Italy.

CBD vaporizers

Vaporizers are a very popular solution today. In the USA (in many states) they are the ones that are the most popular while in Italy they are still not as widespread when it comes to CBD and cannabinoids. In practice, they heat a substance to a certain temperature, transforming its active ingredients into steam without carrying out combustion. Thus avoiding many of the toxic waste for the respiratory tract typical of joints. There are models that work starting from the plant while others are used with specific concentrated liquids for vaporizers. Once inhaled, the vapor loaded with CBD reaches the lungs and is released into the body and then absorbed into the bloodstream. The effect is decidedly rapid, just like for the classic inflorescences consumed in a joint. It is felt that the cannabinoids are taking effect within a few minutes.

Creams and beauty products

CBD is also very good for the skin, experts in cosmetics and beauty products know it. It has powerful anti-inflammatory, curative, sebum-regulating properties and is also an antibacterial. That is why it is a good idea to take care of the body with cannabidiol. Not only from the inside but also from the outside with creams and lotions.

Obviously the effect will focus on the skin layer because the CBD-rich creams directly activate the skin receptors present in the area where they are applied. In this way they can give relief within 5-10 minutes to the inflamed and sore skin but also help over time to have a perfect complexion and a healthy, young and radiant skin.

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