24 Apr

CBD inflorescences: here’s how to eat them

CBD inflorescences are consumed in the kitchen, and give those who use them considerable nutritional benefits, thanks to cbd snacks wholesale. Whether you choose to consume them raw or dried, they can be a very valuable addition to any diet: find out how.

cbd snacks wholesale: Can you eat CBD inflorescences?

This question often besets both novice and more experienced consumers who have always appreciated the benefits of hemp through combustion. Consuming cannabis buds as a food, however, is a very different experience that is also suitable for non-smokers and for those looking for new ways of consumption to vary their habits. Furthermore, eating raw or dried light cannabis inflorescences also allows us to have access to those phytochemicals that are eliminated or transformed during the combustion envisaged by traditional consumption, such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Not to mention the fiber and protein content , which can only be appreciated by ingesting the inflorescences (cannabis for food use).

cbd snacks wholesale: why ingest it

Choosing to add cannabis flowers to your diet has significant advantages. Below we present the three fundamental “why’s”:
– eating cannabis buds instead of smoking them avoids the combustion process which affects the bronchi and lungs, making food intake the ideal choice even for those who cannot or do not want to smoke;
– consuming cannabis inflorescences as food causes their beneficial effects to manifest themselves more slowly and gradually;
– eating cannabis buds allows the substances contained within them to pass through the entire digestive system in order to promote better absorption.

cbd snacks wholesale

cbd snacks wholesale: How to take CBD by eating the inflorescences

You have probably already heard of CBD oil, which is also suitable for completing various preparations, but not everyone knows how to properly treat dried cannabis inflorescence in the kitchen.
The first thing to remember to consume cannabis buds as a food is that the best choice to enhance their properties is to heat the inflorescences to a maximum temperature of 113° for about an hour and then add them to a fatty element such as oil , butter or margarine.

how to take it with cannabutter

A simple and versatile way to use cannabis inflorescences in the kitchen is to prepare “cannabutter”, i.e. a special fat obtained by cooking quality butter and buds together and then letting it cool in a container and using it as desired for seasoning dishes savory or for the preparation of cakes, brownies and biscuits.

cbd snacks wholesale: choose Us!

Now that you know how to take CBD hemp, eat inflorescences and use buds and flowers in the kitchen, we suggest you explore our catalog to find the most suitable product for you: click here to find out more.

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