24 Oct

cbd manufacturers europe and the legalization of marijuana

You will surely have heard a lot of talk of those who, including politicians and experts, are concerned about cbd manufacturers europe and how the legalization of cannabis will lead our young people to abuse and addiction. Well, there are several studies that disprove an increase in cannabinoid consumption among very young people and adolescents in the post-legalization period.

Here’s what studies say about the habits of kids lucky enough to live in countries where recreational cannabis is legal.

How many have invented and continue to invent the opponents of legalization. The best way to defend against baseless allegations is to continue to stay informed through reliable channels on the latest scientific and statistical research, with evidence and numbers in hand, to get your own ideas.

We then reviewed the most recent scientific research carried out in countries where cannabis has already become legal for a while to assess what the result could be in the very young Italians and we had a comforting reference.

Let’s start by saying that cannabis is not chemical addictive. Therefore the claim that young people would all become addicted to cannabis if it were legal is already a joke in itself. 

cbd manufacturers europe

cbd manufacturers europe: What the data collections on cannabis use in American schools pre and post legalization say

Prohibitionists here is the refutation of your catastrophic hypotheses. All the statistics we have found say that there has been no substantial difference in cannabis use between minors and young adults in the post legalization. Indeed in some cases the number of habitual users has even lowered.

One of the most interesting and least contestable documents to understand whether legal cannabis increases the number of users among. The very young is a report for statistical purposes by the National Center for Education Statistics on cannabis use in high schools.

As the magazine Marijuana Moment explains in this article, the United States Department of Education analyzed and published the results of this survey. The article assessed the percentages of cannabinoid users from 2009 to 2019. It concluded that there is no “measurable difference” in the percentage of those in grades 9-12 who reported having consumed cannabis at least once in the 30 days prior to the interview.

In short, opponents of the cannabis reform and cbd manufacturers europe can look for another pretext or relax, legalization does not push all minors to use marijuana.

This is just a hypothesis but based on the awareness that often with adolescents there is a great desire to go beyond the limits of what is allowed. And doing what should not be done is more out of a form of rebellion than out of desire.

Meanwhile we note that the highest number of positive statements on cannabinoid consumption was recorded in the USA in 2011 when no state had yet legalized the recreational use of marijuana. The first legal sales were in Colorado in 2014.

The statistical survey also tried to answer another question, namely whether the availability of cannabis in schools was a difference with legalization.

The result of the surveys carried out (again between 2009 and 2019) to evaluate the percentage of students who said they had received offers for cannabis in schools is that even this figure has not changed substantially with legalization.

cbd manufacturers europe

cbd manufacturers europe and the legalization of marijuana

In support of our “thesis” that the appeal of cannabis in the very young can even decline with legalization, there is already some evidence. For example, an official from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy’s National Marijuana Initiative recently stated that according to data they know, cannabis use by young people is “decreasing” in Colorado and other states where it has occurred. legalization (we did not find any citation on what data and studies were in question).

Continuing our research we instead found an interesting document: a study published in 2020 in the Journal of Adolescent Healt based on data collected by a Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted on 47 states from 1999 to 2017 to investigate the consumption of marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes between adolescents who have reported a noticeable decline in marijuana use in recent years, not so much in cannabis users but in the quantities consumed by the latter.

With this article we do not want to say that there is no possibility of an increase in the consumption of cannabinoids thanks to cbd manufacturers europe by minors with the advent of legalization given that we do not have a crystal ball. Let’s just say that based on the studies and data observed in recent years this has not yet happened in the US states where marijuana is already legal for adults for recreational use. We will continue to stay updated on the subject and report any changes on this subject, which is very close to our hearts.

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