01 Aug

CBD crystals are derived from the processing of cannabis, free of THC and rich in CBD. It is a pure and particular form of CBD, still not too well known by the large audience. But it is very popular with those who have tried them at least once.

What are CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are products determined by the isolation of cannabidiol, by the extraction and purification of this substance. This is made in order to obtain a finished compound that comes in the form of white and odorless grains. Their appearance resembles closely that of sugar grains.

Considering that the treatment of CBD to obtain its pure form requires great attention and professionalism, it is easy to understand why the price tends to be on average quite high compared to other CBD products.

Pure CBD crystals: solutions of great quality and refinement

At this point it is quite clear what the difference is between a product like those kind of crystals and other cannabidiol-derived products. The crystals are an extremely refined solution, which does not contain other natural substances from the hemp plant.

Furthermore, unlike other flavored CBD products, the crystals have no aroma: they are completely odorless and tasteless.


CBD Crystals Effects

Now that we have a little clearer idea of ​​what crystals are, we can take a small step forward and clarify what the benefits of this solution are.

Thanks to their purity they are able to give their users all the best properties of cannabidiol, a substance that acts on the biological endocannabinoid system which is involved in the regulation of many physiological and cognitive processes, such as those of regulation of mood or improvement of anxiety and insomnia situations.

How to use them

So let’s deal with the topic of its use. The ways of taking CBD crystals are numerous and varied. Considering that it is a very versatile solution that, as such, lends itself to a large number of uses.

For example, you can use CBD crystals to vape, thus absorbing the CBD quickly and allowing you to quickly benefit from the effects of cannabidiol.

You can of course also use them in cooking, adding the desired amount to the recipe you are preparing. It is usually sufficient to add a few grains to the initial dough or add the crystals to the melted butter at temperature, mixing until the mixture is fully homogeneous.

Among the other uses, there is also that of topical applications. For example. To create an oil, all you have to do is start with a carrier oil you like (such as olive or coconut) and combine the CBD crystals in a container, heating them until they melt completely. Let it cool and you can use your natural oil for each application.

We also remind you that many people love to use crystals by letting them melt under the tongue. Just hold them in this position for about a minute. The mucous membranes found in the oral cavity can promote rapid assimilation through the blood flow.

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