17 Oct

CBD companies, their CBD-based products and in particular oil are enjoying increasing success all over the world. They had the merit of making known the beneficial properties of hemp to the general public, highlighting its ability to improve the well-being of body and mind. CBD, or cannabidiol, is in no way linked to the ‘high’. Instead it is linked to the concentration of Thc (tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive and psychotropic substance). Unfortunately there is still too often misinformation on the subject. It will be useful to think locally about the values ​​of CBD and those permitted by THC.

CBD companies: The categories of commercial cannabis and the effects

When we talk about CBD we refer to the main cannabinoid contained in light hemp. It is effective against stress, insomnia and inflammation as well as in general against pain and depressive states. As for the CBD value of cannabis, there are no cannabis plants that develop a CBD value greater than 20%.

It is possible to classify commercial cannabis plants into three macro categories, based on the index of cbd and thc values. There are genetics characterized by a strong prevalence of Thc with almost zero Cbd values. Then we find the genetics that balance the presence of both cannabinoids. Both Cbd and Thc oscillate between 5 and 15%. Finally we come to the last group, which includes inflorescences with Thc legal value below 0.6% and a high CBD content. Typically, the ratio between Thc and Cbd is 1 to 20.

In any case, it will be correct to state that it is impossible for cannabis to develop an amount of cannabinoids that exceeds 35%. This is due to limitations from the point of view of genetics. The plant needs additional important elements to ensure its survival . The reference is in particular to proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and mineral salts.

CBD companies

CBD companies: Extraction of beneficial substances and active ingredients

The natural organic substances are extracted through cold pressing. This ensures the perfect conservation of the beneficial active ingredients of cannabis. To date over 600 have been identified. Among these we find terpenes, fatty acids, hydrocarbons, aldehydes and cannaflavins but not only. In addition to the 120 cannabinoids that have been identified with certainty to date. Speaking of legal marijuana means referring to light cannabis, which is almost entirely free of Thc.

The regulatory basis in the sector is represented by law 242 of 2016, which allows the cultivation and sale of plants with a low Thc content. And what specifically is the legal value of Thc? There is a minimum limit of 0.2% and a tolerance that reaches 0.6%. Within the limits of the legislation, it is therefore possible to take CBD-based products, as well as cultivate them.

CBD is increasingly used to make original culinary preparations, plus it can be used in the case of skin problems such as psoriasis and acne. The most popular methods of assumption, in addition to the one related to cooking and topical, are the vape and the sublingual method.

The latter will require only a minimum of practice to be perfected. After purchasing CBD oil on the platforms of specialists such as CBDGrossmarkt, just drop a few drops – for dosing it is good to proceed by trial and error, starting with a maximum of 3-5 – and wait about a minute before swallowing. This will allow the walls of the oral cavity to better absorb the substance, in such a way as to bypass the digestive tract (which among other things also dilates the waiting times for the appearance of the beneficial and relaxing effects, typical of CBD). 

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