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Buy hemp: The best vacation spots

If you are a cannabis lover and you like to explore new places yo buy hemp and have many interesting experiences you are in the right place! In this article we talk about trips for cannabis enthusiasts, with must-see destinations!

Traveling for a passion is nothing new, as you already know traveling is a pastime loved by many people and often it is also a tool to reach their loves. Well, if you had no idea, you will be interested to know that Cannabis has also conquered its tourism for some years now. There are specific, highly recommended destinations to find the best qualities of marijuana and participate in events dedicated to the plant.

Festivals, rallies, competitions and cities where cannabis reigns are waiting for you, you just have to choose what comes closest to your taste! Do you want to know our tips? Pack your bags because the journey is starting! These are some destinations selected by us, but there are many to visit. However, always remember to inform yourself about the laws in force in your destination before leaving. Each country has its own regulations and even if it is allowed to consume cannabis it does not mean that you are totally free to decide.

1. Buy hemp in Amsterdam

If you have never been there you will surely have heard someone praise the beauties of Amsterdam; in fact the Dutch capital has made and still makes many travelers dream. Another feature that sets it apart is of course the openness of the rules regarding the consumption of weed. Precisely for this reason, today it is considered the first destination to visit for marijuana smokers.

Think that you can keep up to 30 grams of cannabis for yourself without problems with the law! In addition, the city is populated by many coffee shops dedicated to the sale of marijuana; in the bars you can use the tobacco for free, offered by the locals to season the joints

Amsterdam, in fact, is a beautiful and romantic city, steeped in culture and places to visit such as: the Anne Frank Museum or the wonderful Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the state museum where you can admire a very rich collection of Flemish art. If you love art, however, you cannot miss a trip to the beautiful Van Gogh museum, entirely dedicated to the art of the post-impressionist master.

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2. Buy hemp in Kingston and Runaway Bay, Jamaica

If you are a cannabis lover you certainly cannot give up the most sought after destination by enthusiasts like you: Jamaica! Think of the excitement of traveling overseas and seeing places so different from Italy, moreover knowing that you are in the home of cannabis par excellence!

We are aware that not everyone can afford a trip like this, but if you can save something, we advise you not to miss this destination.

To start with, we recommend that you visit the beautiful city of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. You will find a cosmopolitan city and very active from an entrepreneurial point of view, but also a little too much in trouble.

In any case, visit the Hope Botanical Gardens, the largest botanical garden in the Caribbean and lose yourself in the folkloric places of the city. The homeland of Reggae, despite the undisputed connection to marijuana, is not a city of legal cannabis, but the rules are not that strict.

If you go around the city, among the street markets or even on a taxi, you will find the opportunity to buy all kinds of grass at very low prices; like a whole plant for 100 euros ..

If you want to organize your trip well, take advantage: choose the dates of The Bright Side Festival in Runaway!

3. Buy hemp in Copenhagen, Denmark

Another unmissable destination for those who love Cannabis is the Cristiana neighborhood, in the center of Copenhagen; the neighborhood is the quintessential marijuana city. Think that it is also called the free city of Christian, precisely in reference to the cult of cannabis that hovers in the city.

Smoking weed is illegal in Denmark, even if the rules aren’t too strict; the Cristiana district, on the other hand, is totally free and famous for its relaxing rhythms that are a bit typical of those who consume cannabis. But beware of drug traffickers and criminal gangs, who take over the neighborhood in the evening. Take advantage of the day to get around the neighborhood!

4. Hempfest – Buy hemp in Seattle

If Oregon is not among your favorite destinations you can always think of Seattle. But wasn’t it the home of grunge? Of course, but for thirty years it has also been home to Hempfest, the most activist cannabis festival on the circuit! This is a popular destination for those who, in addition to having fun, also love to fight for the legalization of weed!

Hempfest combines rallies and protests against the condemnation of cannabis users with a festival atmosphere. You can also attend fantastic concerts, artist shows and taste real American street food! One of the most interesting trips for cannabis enthusiasts!

5. Spannabis – Barcelona

If you love Spain you can never have seen Barcelona and if you love cannabis you can’t miss Spannabis, one of the most important cannabis festivals!

This festival has been running for 18 years and hosts more than 300 exhibitors every year. You will also be able to see how the tournament for professional growers takes place and participate in the awarding of the best products in different categories. Being in Barcelona, ​​there is no shortage of the typical Spanish cheerful and festive atmosphere: music, art and food will accompany the sun and the beautiful Spanish climate!

Furthermore, if you love to read up on cannabis, Spannabis is the ideal festival, to find out all the news about marijuana in the scientific and medical fields. In fact, the festival collaborates with the Word Cannabis Conference!

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View of Colosseum in Rome and morning sun, Italy, Europe.

6. Canapamundi- Rome

Among the trips for cannabis enthusiasts, Canapa Mundi is a must! It is the International Hemp Fair of Rome; the event is considered one of the largest trade fairs in the sector in Europe and is held at the Rome fair. The setting up of the event includes stands, stages and conference rooms, with the participation of over 250 exhibitors.

An event of a huge scale that has a great appeal among cannabis lovers and also among curious tourists, just think that the whole setting occupies an area of ​​about 11 thousand meters! If you’ve never seen Rome, it’s time to pay a visit!

7. Cannatrade – Zurich

In addition to being the global center of banking and finance, with an active and pulsating hub, Zurich is also a beautiful city, with lots of things to visit!

If you are a cannabis lover you shouldn’t give up CannaTrade, one of the best marijuana festivals in the world! There is only one problem, if you are under 18 you cannot visit the event, unless you are accompanied by adults!

At cannaTrade, you can also find a relaxing Chillout- Area and the very original Hemp food festival for lovers of hemp culinary products! The most interesting aspect of the festival is the varied selection of exhibitors from so many different categories!

8. IndicaSativa Trade – Bologna

If you want to stay in Italy, don’t miss the IndicaSativa Trade festival in Bologna in April! A unique festival of its kind, where hemp is celebrated in all its forms: wraps, beer, T-shirts, bags, seeds, cannabis light, cosmetics and items for cultivation. In short, a universe of cannabis concentrated in a festival! Furthermore, it is a perfect place for those looking for marijuana seeds, because you can find international seed banks, with the main brands in the sector and many Italian companies that are conquering the market!

Can’t you organize trips for cannabis enthusiasts for unavoidable reasons and you give up on all the hottest international destinations? Okay for this time, but while your journey is on standby, buy a great 100% safe cannabis by browsing our store!

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