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Where to buy CBD flowers and other useful information such as wholesale, effects, legislation and much more related to Cannabis Light products. Here are the best online shops:

Looking for light cannabis retailers

After extensive and careful research, we have reviewed the legal CBD flower wholesalers so you can buy the best CBD products online. This careful research and selection allowed us to select the “crème de la crème” of European THC-free cannabis retailers. Of course, all of this was done according to certain criteria, which you will find listed and discussed in detail in the following sections. At the top of the list of parameters used could only be the quality of the tested hemp-based products. Immediately afterwards, we felt it was particularly important to check the level of reliability of the wholesalers. Both in terms of data protection, delivery times, customer service and payment security. So we can present the result of our research to you.

The quality of the products

As expected, it is one of the first points taken into account to rate the best retailers to buy CBD flowers in Europe: the quality. But how do you distinguish a valuable inflorescence from a less good one? What makes one oil or hash better than another?

First of all, the percentage of CBD contained. Then criteria such as perfume, shade and texture come into play. Depending on the respective product. So a store with more choice is undoubtedly preferable to one with a few arrows in the bow.

An additional weight that tipped our scales in favor or not of one European legal CBD wholesaler over another was the way hemp plants were grown. In the “organic” age, we have pledged to scrutinize companies that sell plant-based products to ensure they are being grown with respect and in harmony with nature. Without the use of chemical additives. Cannabis without THC is a natural product and, in our opinion, must remain so. It goes without saying that the production chain must comply with current legislation on the subject.

Buy CBD flowers at trustful shops

Trust is the basis of any type of relationship, be it personal, business or business. This therefore also applies to customers and light cannabis dealers. The products purchased must therefore have the same characteristics as indicated in the descriptions of the websites of legal weed shops in Europe, where you can buy easily and quickly. Value for money and quantity can therefore not deviate from what we were promised. What also makes the difference between a good wholesaler and a less reliable one is respect for customer privacy and delivery times.

Purchase and delivery times of CBD flowers

When buying CBD flowers, you always hope that the delivery will be quick. Legal cannabis wholesalers in Europe are preparing to keep these promises. Prompt delivery of ordered THC-free marijuana stash is certainly a detail we couldn’t overlook in our review work.

Basically, you have to wait 24 hours from buying the CBD flowers to delivery of the goods. All selected wholesalers use couriers with express shipping methods such as DHL and UPS. As you will see, CBD travels quickly across Europe.

The communication

Although online CBD traders report detailed information on their portals, sometimes there is a need for clarification. So here comes another factor that should not be overlooked: the quality of customer service. Fast and comprehensive answers are what buyers demand and what we have evaluated in our work.

All the websites we offer have a dedicated online chat, phone number, email address and contact form.

So here we discarded those who didn’t report an email address or a contact form on their website. Red pencil also for those who have not answered us after a few days at the latest. Finally, we donated an extra point for those who answered the phone immediately and answered our questions with kindness and calm.

Payment systems offered by legal cannabis shops

Buying CBD flowers online wholesale is now commonplace. In fact, we weren’t surprised that even the legal weedshops in Europe that we reviewed that you can shop from online have different online payment options. Of course, there is no shortage of MasterCard and VISA credit and debit cards. In addition, there is the popular Postepay, which is published by the Italian Post Office.

Many then accept transactions made through electronic wallets. This is because they allow money transfers in a totally secure way. In the list of accepted payment methods you will also find the Paysafecard prepaid card, to please both traditionalists and futurists. The former can rely on the good old bank transfer. The latter, on the other hand, on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Why you should buy CBD flowers online

Only since 2016 is it possible to buy light marijuana in Europe without legal problems. In a short period of time, retailers and distributors of weakened hemp have mushroomed in many European cities and online. Buying wholesale CBD flowers online has many advantages, in our opinion. First of all, there is undoubtedly more choice on the internet. The types of marijuana without THC are indeed too many to be managed by a single physical retailer. Nothing compares to the types of CBD flower and light hash strains available online. Those living in smaller centers may find it difficult to find a wide range of CBD flowers. On the web, on the other hand, everything moves quickly, with convenient delivery to your branch within 24 hours.

Another strength of online CBD flower shops in Europe that you can buy from on the web is the price. The competition is higher online and the products are therefore cheaper. Without taking into account the numerous promotions that can be found.

What are CBD flowers?

CBD flowers differ from those not allowed by law in a simple but important detail. Ordinary marijuana contains a THC content (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and thus the active ingredient responsible for the psychotropic effect) that exceeds 0.2%. On the contrary, Europe’s CBD flower wholesalers, where you can buy legally, must ensure that the threshold is lower than this percentage instead. Visually, haitically, and olfactorily, it is virtually impossible to tell the two strains apart.

However, when it is consumed, the effects are different. The weed containing THC produces euphoria, hallucinations or perceptual distortions. This is because it reaches the brain very easily. The “weakened” type instead only contains cannabidiol (CBD), which induces a sense of calm and relaxation. It does not affect the brain but works at the body level. The side effects are also minor. It is not uncommon for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol to cause anxiety, irritation, or tachycardia. With CBD, on the other hand, there are no such risks.

The effects and properties of legal CBD flowers

As studies on cannabidiol are still ongoing, it is still possible to draw some conclusions. However, they are not to be considered final. First of all, in Europe CBD flowers and in general the hemp derivatives containing the active ingredient in question have sedative properties. Many take it only to limit pain of various kinds. Those contemplating consuming these products solely for their psychoactive effects will not have much of a response.

As already suspected, another cannabinoid is actually responsible for these reactions: THC. The latter binds to CB1 receptors (present in the brain) and CB2 (found in the rest of the body). In the case of CBD this is not the case and the dealers in charge of legal weed portals in Italy where you can buy substances containing this active ingredient should always do so. The most sensitive receptor for cannabidiol is 5-HT1A, the serotonin center. For this reason, consuming CBD induces a feeling of relaxation and is a powerful ally in the fight against depression and insomnia. Another property of the test substance is that it is a powerful antioxidant. Even greater than vitamins C and D. For this reason, it is often used as an anti-cancer product.

The health risks and side effects

Not everything that glitters is gold. Even mild marijuana can sometimes have some side effects. If it is ingested by incineration, all the risks involved are clearly valid. Drowsiness is also another possible side effect to consider. This is especially true as a warning to those who intend to consume it before driving or engaging in activities that require maximum concentration.

Dry mouth is another common side effect. However, it can be easily subdued by drinking soft drinks. Finally, some studies have noted changes in cell activity and a slight decrease in fertility. However, it should be noted that CBD is considered a safe product in any case. Even the US Department of Health has confirmed this. In fact, neither deaths directly related to this substance nor cases of overdose have been reported.

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