BULK BUY CBD – What is it about?

We prepared a short description for all those who may not know yet what exactly CBD flowers actually are. Basically, they are cannabis inflorescences, with a THC percentage lower than 0.2%. This tolerance level is 100% legal in Italy. You hope to get “high”? We have to disappoint you. The actual psychotic component present is very low. When you consume light hemp flowers, you will not notice any change in your mood or hallucination. Instead, you experience a sense of well-being and relaxation.

The amount of the active ingredient cannabidiol, that is responsible for the relaxing effect, allowed in cannabis inflorescences, has almost no limit. Usually up to 4% to 30%. Only THC (or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) on the other hand, causes the “cerebral” effect .

BULK BUY CBD – How are the legal varieties actually produced?

All different types are made on the same principle as marijuana. However, the THC content of marijuana is above the threshold allowed by European regulations. Therefor, the difference lies in the type of seeds of the CBD flowers.

Genetic crossing makes in possible, that we have CBD strains with a low THC percentage. However, their cannabidiol is much higher. Cultivation is therefore the same as for illegal cannabis.


The first method is probably the most classic and oldest. Plants are growing outdoors and under sunlight. However, this type of cultivation is inevitably more risky and offers less yield. Diseases, bad weather and various insects easily damage the crop. In addition, the climate does not allow continuous harvest cycles. Especially at certain latitudes. Energy saving is the only advantage, since you need no lamps. In short: This method is the most natural and environmentally friendly.


Unlike the first cultivation method, indoor cannabis is produced throughout the year. Growing times are significantly shorter and the yield is much higher. This limits also the risk of insect infestation significantly. In order to be able to grow legal grasses indoors, you need special lamps. This often requires high energy consumption and also suitable seeds. Cultivation takes place in special environments or grow boxes that require continuous air exchange to provide the plants with the oxygen they need.


Over the last decade, farmers developed growing legal marijuana in greenhouses. It is an excellent compromise between the two previously described systems. Nature and its course are respected. The consumption of resources is also much lower than in INDOOR cultivation. The yield of CBD flowers is excellent and the risk of harvests due to weather or pests is low.

Where is CBD produced?

Since the legalization of CBD in Europe, the cultivation of light marijuana has visibly increased from North to South on our continent. This also opens new economic opportunities for many farmers on the peninsula.

“The boom in hemp cultivation is a great testament to the ability of agricultural companies to explore and experiment with new frontiers and meet the growing needs of new consumers.”

Coldiretti Roberto

But also abroad, many agricultures convert to legal grass. Like in the USA, where hemp is manufactured with excellent results.

Costs in the market and motivation

The price of THC-free CBD flowers varies. It depends on the legal cannabis variety (sativa, indica and their variants), on the cultivation method, but also on the cannabidiol content. Wholesale hemp inflorescence costs usually between €900 and €2000 per kg. Similar to hashish without THC, the active ingredient varies between 3% and 30%. This concentration is practically never exceeded. You search a product with a high content of highly active ingredients, then you have to take a look at our CBD oil, which even reaches 25%.

The legal cannabis strains available on the market

Thanks to various genetic crosses and discoveries made by breeders, almost 70 types of legal weeds are grown today. These are included in the database of the European Community among the plant varieties permitted for cultivation. Different plants produce CBD flowers of different types, with different organoleptic properties.

Cannabis made in Italy

You want to discover the world of Italian hemp plants and its CBD flowers? We can help you. There are currently 10 strains of cannabis that are considered legal. These are Asso, Carma, Carmagnola, Carmaleonte, Codimono, CS, Elettra Campana, as well as Fibranova, Fibrante and Glecia. Not all are intended for consumption. Below are the ones we think are the best.


Carmagnolas origin is the Piemont region. This selected phenotype performs best in central Italy. Cannabidiol levels reach up to 25% and has an earthy aftertaste, with aromas reminiscent of forest.


The THC-free Codimono cannabis variety grows throughout Italy. The CBD concentrations can reach about 5%.


CS mainly grows in the center of our country. The buds usually have a reasonable percentage of cannabidiol (7%-8%). The scent is lemony.


Like CS, Elettra Campanas content typically reaches around 8%. Italian frames cultivate this plant for decades and is widespread throughout the country. You can find this flowers mainly in Campania, as the name suggests.


If you like the taste and smell of hazelnuts, you will love Fibranova. This flower was born during the post-war period and is a crossbreed of Bredemann and the Carmagnola. It grows in all climate zones.

Legal Notice

We want to underline, that the cultivation, as well as the marketing and use of CBD flowers, is completely legal, as long as the psychotropic substances such as THC in the inflorescences does not exceed the limit of 0.6%. You can read about it in state law number 242 of 2016.

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