This is why CBD is good for our brain

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There was a time when talking about CBD and hemp seeds was equivalent to addressing a taboo topic. This substance suffered strong ostracism and was confused with the concept of high (which is instead typical of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol which has a psychoactive and psychotropic effect). There are many benefits that taking CBD can offer our body, especially with regards to homeostasis or internal balance. Now we will try to focus on what cannabis does to the brain and what the effect of cannabidiol is in particular (it is a metabolite of cannabis sativa).

hemp seeds: Relief from anxiety and black mood thanks to neurological effects

The beneficial action of CBD occurs through specific molecular pathways and through the interaction with the cannabinoid receptors Cb1 and Cb2. The neurological effects activated by this substance allow for rapid relief and also prevent hormones such as cortisol from being released. It is to the latter that we owe the management of metabolism as well as reactions in case of stress and also of oxytocin (which regulates social behaviors and our emotions). Mood and appetite are instead directly influenced by serotonin receptors.

When we talk about CBD effects on the brain, we must keep in mind the fact that what is improved by taking this substance is primarily the activation of serotonin 1A receptors (disorders related to anxiety, neuropathic pain, nausea from chemotherapy and depression). Furthermore, cannabidiol binds to vanilloid receptors, whose role is crucial with regard to the perception of pain and inflammation. It is also interesting to underline, again among the cannabis effects on the brain, how CBD has an interesting action on the so-called ‘nuclear’ receptors (PPARs): these are located on the nucleus of the cell and their activation has an anti-tumor effect.

hemp seeds: analgesic effects

Among the most interesting beneficial properties of CBD on our brain is also that relating to its analgesic effects. In fact, cannabidiol was found to be capable of inhibiting neuronal transmission without leading to analgesic tolerance. Researchers therefore agree in stating how CBD can be used to treat chronic pain. No toxic effects for humans have been identified regarding the intake of CBD in particularly high doses. However, the advice is always to approach the substance slowly and gradually, in order to find the personal balance to correctly benefit from the positive effects.

Among the long-term CBD effects we must also include the therapeutic properties: this metabolite of hemp sativa can be useful in the treatment of neurological diseases due to its neuroprotective action (the cells are protected from degeneration). According to some studies conducted on Alzheimer’s disease, for example, CBD could be useful in combating the development of tumor cells.

hemp seeds

Therapeutic properties of cannabidiol on the brain

Taking CBD by setting up a correct routine can allow our brain to deal with certain psychological and physical problems in a different and more efficient way. Starting with:
improvement in sleep quality,
combating states of anxiety and depression,
fight against work stress.

Without forgetting that in-depth studies have been conducted on the benefits of CBD in case of epilepsy and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

More and more people are approaching cannabidiol, generally using the sublingual ingestion method (a few drops under the tongue), to improve the quality of sleep. Intermittent or early awakenings and insomnia attacks – often due to anxiety attacks – quickly become a bad memory. A high dosage of CBD before going to bed will promote deep and restful sleep, while a reduced one can help counteract drowsiness during the day.

hemp seeds: Conclusion

Being able to understand the boundless potential of CBD, while always keeping a distance from psychoactive THC, can help improve your personal daily routine. Cannabidiol does not lead to a state of mental alteration, in case creativity and concentration may be favored. The body and brain live healthier, avoiding the appearance of a whole series of annoying pathologies that can slowly lead to a loss of self-esteem or even serious depressive crises.

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