Sleep disorders and CBD

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Sleeping well is essential for having a better quality of life. Taking care of your sleep is the first step towards success and towards a life full of harmony and energy

Unfortunately, due to stress due to their work situation, working hours, family problems and the somatization of responsibilities, many people suffer from sleep disorders. But what are these disorders really? How do they manifest themselves and will it help to find cbd distributors?

find cbd distributors: The different types of sleep disorders

First of all, it is good to know the diversity of these disorders. The most widespread of all is insomnia, in fact it affects two out of three Italians and can present itself chronically or sporadically. Insomnia in turn is divided into initial, intermediate or final insomnia depending on whether sleep is interrupted at the beginning of wakefulness or during the night or shortly before waking up. The causes of insomnia can be many and very different from each other: in fact, they range from excessive worries, to menopause, to hormonal problems, to the use of certain drugs or to neurological problems.

Then there are other sleep disorders that act in a structural way on the organism, without however causing problems related to the psyche: this is the case of sleep apnea, which is divided into obstructive or central type.

The former are due to obstruction of the breathing channels caused by excess weight, cigarette smoking or nasal scoliosis and any other anatomical problem that can create obstruction, such as enlargement of the turbinates or uvula. People affected by this syndrome usually snore a lot.

The quality of sleep is undoubtedly compromised because these breathing obstructions can repeat 5 times every hour for a few seconds.
Those of the central type, on the other hand, originate from the brain and have an absolutely neurological nature. Unfortunately, central apneas are a real silent killer as they undermine the cardiovascular system on a daily basis to the point of causing strokes and heart attacks.

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find cbd distributors: Other types of disorders that affect the quality of sleep

Other sleep disorders are restless legs syndrome, a discomfort in the legs that worsens every time you are in a supine position because you feel the irrepressible need to rub your legs, or get up and walk. This syndrome causes jerks or muscle spasms that make the quality of sleep truly compromised.

A problem similar to bruxism, i.e. the noisy grinding of the teeth which, in addition to increasing sensitivity and wear, causes tension and pain in the jaw.

Without prejudice to the fact that at least as regards sleep apnea it is absolutely necessary to carry out a polysomnographic examination and rely on a specialist doctor, as regards all other disorders and also sleep apnea, the use of some measures and supplements could be of help if not even conclusive.

find cbd distributors: What is CBD oil

So what are the substances that help us overcome sleep disorders and finally achieve nighttime well-being, so as to preserve the psychophysical energy useful for facing a day of work? Certainly among these substances we can find melatonin and CBD oil.

CBD oil is an oil with a high content of this cannabinoid, an extract from cannabis. Its effects on the body are more than positive and it is practically free of side effects. This oil helps regulate the circadian rhythm, strengthens the immune system, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic, regulates the sleep-wake cycle and the quality of sleep, regulates mood and helps fight insomnia, anxiety and depressive states.

Melatonin is a regulator of sleep and circadian rhythm, both in adults, children and the elderly. Daily use of melatonin can help in cases of difficulty falling asleep or delays in falling asleep.

Furthermore, melatonin can help to recover the right sleep rhythm even in cases of chronic insomnia, especially in cases of intermediate insomnia which often causes early awakening. Melatonin also helps recover the sleep-wake cycle.

It is an element found in some foods such as bananas, oranges, pineapple and extra virgin olive oil as well as in rice and cherries.
How to do it, in fact, nutrition is our first medicine, but if the sleep rhythm is already compromised by chronic problems, the advice is to take a supplement. Or take a look at our store!

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