Seven common mistakes when talking about CBD

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We hear more and more often about CBD and uk cbd suppliers but not always in a flattering way. If some important benefits connected to taking him have now been ascertained, we must also deal with a legacy of that obstructionism that accompanied him for a long time, branding him – almost without appeal – as a ‘drug’.

uk cbd suppliers: Beneficial properties and assumption methods

As we know, things are not like this at all and indeed medical science questions itself with greater vigor every day regarding the therapeutic potential of CBD (or cannabidiol, a metabolite of cannabis sativa). As regards the methods of taking this substance which is not at all psychotropic or psychoactive, they are the most diverse:
topical application,
seasoning for foods,
invigorating teas and herbal teas,
I vape with e-cig.

The beneficial properties of CBD are above all anti-stress and anti-inflammatory but also anti-emetic and improve the quality of sleep. Let’s try to focus on 7 common mistakes that are made when this topic is not addressed in depth.

uk cbd suppliers: CBD is not psychoactive and does not cause a high

We must remember that cannabis sativa contains, among other substances, THC (i.e. Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD. The first is to be associated with the typical concept of high, since it has a psychoactive effect and therefore alters the mind. The perceptive abilities of the brain are affected and there is a sensation of dizziness. The second, however, is known and appreciated precisely because it is not psychotropic but rather has important medicinal properties (it does not impact the psyche).

uk cbd suppliers: The effects produced are not sedative

It happens that the effects produced by CBD are described as sedatives. Here is another myth to dispel, since medical studies have suggested that no effects of this type are caused. Cannabidiol would be able to broaden the perception of the mind, promoting creativity and concentration. The fact that CBD is able to attenuate states of anxiety completes the beneficial picture. The first time you take CBD, however, you may feel slightly drowsy (which disappears the next time).

uk cbd suppliers

uk cbd suppliers: CBD is not yet legal in every part of the world

CBD continues to be banned and hindered in many countries. Exceptions are often made for CBD products: as they contain minimal quantities of THC, therefore not being directly connected to the high, their trade is authorised. However, there are places in the world where cannabis and CBD are still considered as one and where the laws have not been updated, which is why we must always be careful.

uk cbd suppliers: Marijuana and hemp are not the same thing

There is still often confusion when talking about marijuana and hemp, as we tend to use them as synonyms. It will then be correct to point out that while marijuana has a high concentration of THC, which makes you euphoric, hemp contains a minimal quantity and is instead rich in cannabidiol. This is why it is increasingly used in the kitchen, to make food supplements.

uk cbd suppliers: CBD is not harmful when given to pets

Veterinary medicine is conducting increasingly in-depth studies on CBD and its applications for the well-being and health of pets (dogs, cats, horses and more). It is believed that it has the ability to reduce states of anxiety, due to leaving for a trip or in case of abandonment syndrome when the owner leaves the house, and that it is also able to soothe pain and certain unpleasant symptoms (lack of appetite , bad sleep, etc.).

uk cbd suppliers: CBD products are not all the same

Not all products containing CBD are the same and capable of causing the same effects to appear in those who take them. CBD must always be of high quality, produced and cultivated and then extracted and processed following the highest standards. If you have tried a poor quality CBD product in the past, don’t be discouraged: you need to search more carefully and rely on serious companies.

It is wrong to exceed the dosage to have greater effects

The dosage of CBD varies from individual to individual and it is always good to approach the intake routine gradually, so as to slowly find your own balance. In short, it is wrong to exceed the dosage with the intention of obtaining greater, stronger or longer-lasting effects. The factors that come into play to understand what the right dosage of CBD is for a person are: weight, type of metabolism, frequency of intake, overall state of health of the body.

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