How CBD helps to quit smoking

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CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a substance naturally present in cannabis that can help reduce cigarette addiction until it is completely eliminated. A beneficial effect, this, not associated with the acquisition of a new “habit”: CBD and private label products, in fact, do not create addiction. Read on to find out how to quit smoking with CBD.

private label products: what it is and how it works

A group of researchers from UCL – University College London, directed by Professor C.J.A. Morgan of the Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit, has scientifically demonstrated that CBD can rapidly reduce cigarette addiction by 40%.

To understand how it is possible to obtain these results we must start from the definition of CBD: what is it and how does it work? CBD is a cannabinoid, and as such it has a chemical composition very similar to that of substances naturally produced by our body, the endocannabinoids, which influence fundamental functions such as those related to sleep, appetite and mood. This is why CBD oil and other CBD products have numerous beneficial properties linked to the ability to reduce pain, combat inflammation and convulsions, stimulate appetite, relieve anxiety and insomnia, alleviate depression and naturally regulate mood.

private label products
private label products: How to quit smoking with cannabidiol

Most of the most popular smoking cessation methods fail for the same simple reason: the inability of the subject to resist nicotine withdrawal, an unpleasant condition that in some cases can be intolerable on both a physical and psycho-emotional level.
The value of CBD products lies right here: in their ability to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, making withdrawal from nicotine less complex and demanding. CBD, in fact, interacts with serotonin receptors, counteracting anxiety and irritation, i.e. playing a role similar to that which would be covered by the cigarette to which we are trying not to give in.

private label products: CBD oil, a precious ally

Consuming CBD is definitely an effective method to quit smoking, and one of the most popular choices for taking the active ingredient is taking CBD oil. This product is simple to use, does not contain THC (therefore it has no psychoactive effect) and is consumed simply by placing a few drops under the tongue, where the massive presence of capillaries will make absorption fast and pleasant.

private label products: Quit smoking with CBD e-liquids

Among the effective methods to quit smoking with CBD is vaping. Choosing an e-liquid containing cannabidiol, in fact, means indulging in a “clean” consumption experience free of nicotine and combustion products. Also in this case, the release of the active ingredient within the body will occur quickly, ensuring considerable well-being.

CBD online:

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